APEX Training

thought-2123970_1280We specialize in APEX training and coaching.

Developing applications with APEX is soooo easy, right? Everybody says so! Well, YES, but it certainly helps to have some basic knowledge and understanding first. We can help you with any APEX training or coaching you might need.

Whether you are new to APEX, and want some hand holding to help get you started, or are a more experienced APEX developer that might simply be looking for some tips and tricks of the trade, we can arrange for the perfect APEX training to meet your needs, hand holding included (though we are fans of the virtual kind, hope you’re ok with that).

Here are some great reasons you might want to consider a bit of coaching:

  1. Time is money! We’ll guide you through the basics in much less time than it would take you to learn things on your own. Unless you happen to be Howard Berg.
  2. You’ve been wrestling with an issue forever, and just know that a few hours hashing it out with an Oracle APEX expert will help.
  3. You’ve got things working fine, but a little niggly voice is telling you that you aren’t using best practices and.. that there MUST be a better/fast/more secure way of doing things.

Let us help you master new skills and achieve your goals by learning from expert instructors. Train with us and get the solid foundation you need to bring your beautiful, fast and secure apps to your users and organization.

We offer both remote and onsite training, can arrange for 1:1 training, or train your entire team.

Contact us to arrange for the APEX training session that will take you to new heights.