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When you’re 80% there, but can’t quite figure out the last piece to get you to perfection. Connect with Oracle APEX experts so you and your team can return to the work that matters. Whether it’s a small issue or a large-scale outage, we will do our best to provide fast and actionable solutions.

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You might not want to go on a full week’s training, or you might not have the budget to hire a consultant for an extended period of time. But maybe you feel you could still benefit from some hand holding? Or just need a few questions answered to move past a pain point?  We are here to help!

Our international team allows us to cover most time-zones! Ask your question in the evening, and you may just wake up to a helpful response first thing in the morning.

Why is my success message not displaying?

Where did this error message come from?

Why is this page so slow?

Why can’t I get this button over here?

How can I display a blob image in a card template?

How can I redirect my users to a custom page on logout?

Perfect if you are just starting out with APEX!

Oracle APEX is certainly a Rapid Development Tool. You will be up and running and knocking your boss’ socks off faster than the babysitter’s boyfriend when the car pulls up. But there are all sorts of tips and tricks you need to know in order to get your tools to the next level. That is where Laureston Support will help you shine!

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