I’ve been working with APEX since 2004, and have used most versions since HTMLDB 1.6. The use of plug-ins since version 4  is definitely very high on my list of favorite new features.

I’m a frequent visitor of the community-based APEX plugin repository, and rarely do I roll out a new client app anymore without including at least one plug-in. The SkillBuilders Modal Page is a personal favorite, and I have used it countless times. For phone number fields, I really like the Text Field with Masked Input. One of my pet peeves is a website that asks for a phone number, or postal code (Canadian’s postal codes are sometimes input as XXX-XXX, XXXXXX or even XXX XXX), without providing an input mask. Drives me bananas!!! Seriously, guys (and gals, of course!), take the extra time to program an input form that won’t bug out because the user can’t guess how you want to see the postal code… But I digress.

ODTUG is holding its first ever world wide APEX Plug-ins competition! Now I won’t lie and say I will be participating, I am more of a plug-in ‘consumer’ than ‘creator’, but I eagerly await the results. So here is is your opportunity to write an APEX plug-in and have it viewed by the entire international APEX competition. The winner will be crowned 2012 ODTUG APEX Plug-in Developer of the Year, and there are some great prizes to be won.

Have a plug-in you’ve been playing with, incubating, maybe a bit reluctant to release out into the wild, APEX world? Here’s your chance!

Visit the ODTUG Application Express Competition page now, for more information about how to register. I look forward to lots of new plugins we can all integrate into our apps!