Being a developer can be a lonely thing. Sometimes, you can go for hours working on a bug, trying to troubleshoot something that you know somebody must have the answer to. There are so many things that I love about being an Oracle APEX developer (more posts on this to come), with lots of reasons to use it. People will talk about RAD, Low Code, performance and much more. And those are all fantastic reasons! But one of the things that is particularly special about APEX is the strength of its community. There are ALWAYS people willing to answer cries of help. Always.

I personally had a crisis in the middle of the holidays this year, and was in a complete panic about where to look or start. A single tweet on December 29th asking for help got me replies and responses within seconds. I was ever so grateful to know that people were willing to help a fellow APEXer in need, even during the holidays. Priceless!

Steven Feuerstein said it so well in this tweet, and with this community, it’s particularly true.

Tweet from Steven Feuerstein

So don’t bang your heads on the wall, people. Ask for help, and you WILL receive..

Use one of the channels below to seek and obtain help from what I believe must be one of most super helpful communities out there.

APEX Community Forum

This is a highly active Oracle forum where few questions ever go unanswered. I’ve always admired how much time people obviously take out of their busy lives to help others work through their problems or queries. Check it out if you have questions you need help with, or wish to provide guidance to others seeking help.


The one stop shop for everything Oracle APEX related. If you haven’t visited, registered, bookmarked, checked in recently… What are you waiting for? You’ll find highly active Slack channels, APEX News and Blog updates, and the #orclapex and #orclapexworld Twitter feeds. There’s a ton of community news there too, so be sure to check it out. The brainchild of Juergen Schuster, it is, (I believe lovingly) maintained and always up to date.


Have something to share with the community? Use these hashtags, and you’ll be sure to be seen and read!

Although I’ve known this was a great community for a long time, last week I read Adrian Png’s post about his APEX Challenge Coin. Guys (and GALS!!!), Adrian designed and minted coins with the sole purpose of rewarding and recognizing exemplary APEX developers. That’s a lot of trouble to go through. What an amazing thing to do… JUST BECAUSE!

And I think that is just a testament to the kind of community we are lucky to be a part of. I know that I am grateful for it, and, if it isn’t too late for resolutions, one of my 2019 goals is to become a more active member. Here’s to getting to know each better, and here’s to Wrecking This Together in 2019.



PS: I would seriously love to hear from you in the comments. Please share your favorite APEX resources, or better yet, examples of when the community stepped in to help you be the APEX Rock Star you were meant to be :-)